It was in 1927 the first motion picture with sound was introduced to the world. Since then, movies are viewed as a form of escape for the audience from their drab, boring lives. As time went on, different genres of movies were made, which turned out to be a huge hit among moviegoers. They got to pick out their favourite genres and watch movies classified as such. While many people are aware of the more popular genres like action, comedy, mystery and so on, there are several different interesting movie genres out there waiting to be discovered. Here are a few types of movie genres to get you started on the path to discovering new movies to enjoy:

· Action Films
These kinds of films are usually high energy films that are packed with a lot of physical stunts, car chases, and even plenty of fight sequences. It often depicts the good guys winning over the bad guys. The James Bonds movies are often classified as action movies by experts in the film industry. Interestingly, ‘disaster films’ are a major subgenre of action movies.

· Adventure Movies
These kinds of movies usually have exciting stories that are shot at exotic locales. Some experts compare them to action films since adventure movies also consist of a little bit of high packed action. Plenty of movies belonging to this genre have managed to hit a chord with audiences around the world. The Indiana Jones series movies are a famous example of this genre.

· Comedy Films
Do you like light hearted movies that make you laugh without thinking too much? Comedy films are the perfect genre for you. This particular genre consists of many subgenres as well, like slapstick comedy films, dark comedy films, romantic comedy films, and so on. Each of these sub-genres has managed to carve out a niche for themselves by charming their audiences. Some all-time comedy film favourites are When Harry Met Sally, Sweet Home Alabama, The Whole Ten Yards, etc.

· Crime Movies
These kinds of movies often depict gangster sand other underground figures going about their operations. There are usually action scenes present in these movies. Some experts like to refer to this genre as detective mystery movies as well. Movies which depict murders and horrible crimes also come under this particular genre. If you are weak hearted, you are advised to stay away from this category of movies.

· Period Films
These movies represent a particular time in history. The characters are dressed according to the time to make the movie more believable. Interestingly, this genre has become quite popular in recent times. Some examples are Gone with The Wind, The Duchess, Victoria and Abdul, etc.

· Fantasy Films
Fantasy films have become very popular with many fantasy novels being adapted into big budget fantasy movies. Some movies are produced in different parts to be able to get the essence of the books on the screen. Some of the popular fantasy movies released recently include Harry Potter series, The Chronicles OF Narnia series, The Lord of the Rings series and so on.

A good laugh can reduce stress. So, everyone should find a reason for a good laugh. Watching comedy movies are one of the best ways to get relaxed. We will be having a lot of issues around us, and it is important to stay away from them at least for some time. Comedy movies are those which is enjoyed by everyone. We can find very few people who are not a big fan of comedy movies. If you take a poll, you will see that the ratio will be higher with the people who love comedy. Given below are some points which will make you see comedy movies again and again.

The first and the foremost thing is that comedy is enjoyed by all age group. For kids, there are cartoon channels available, and for adults, there are matured comedy content. Comedy is something that keeps the people entertained for a long time. Comedies can be based on family values, so it is better to watch comedy movies with certain mature content so that both the parents and the children can enjoy the movie. You can also question social issues with the help of comedy. The success of comedy lies in making the people laugh and think about it.

You can take up controversial subjects as a base for a comedy movie so that people can understand how the controversy has started and where they are now. People understand things when it is said in a comic way rather than a diplomatic way. Some films take up comedy by color, race, and sexuality. When they give messages wrapped in comedy, people tend to accept that message rather than rejecting them. Through comedy movies, you can make people think about their rights. Many times you have faced a situation like you will be going for a comedy movie and later you will realize that it is not a comedy movie or it doesn’t have enough comedy to make people laugh. Then it is better to ignore that movie which does not have a soul in it.

There are some comedies which can stick with you. When you have enjoyed the comedy, then you will repeat those jokes in your real life as well. There should be enough comedy in one’s life, if not, then that life cannot be considered as a complete one. Out of all the emotions, the laugh is the best medicine which can help everyone to get relieved from the issues in their life. When you watch comedy movies, for those hours, you are completely forget the problems you are facing in your life.

It is true that when a person laughs their lifespan also increases. Why it is said so is because, when some someone laughs while seeing a comedy movie, tension is relieved from their body and they will feel more energetic once they are out of the movie theater. It is best to laugh out completely at a comedy movie so that you can get rejuvenated and face your issues with a new courage.